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where can i find your theme


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» Stephanie “Steph” Lamas

Stephanie is Ares’ daugher. She is the first to fight and the first to defend. She is the last to quit and the fastest to speak. She fears only death and lies, and will do anything to avoid both.

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"The body can be stubborn when it comes to accepting change, the mind holds out hope that the body can be whole again and the mind will always fight for hope, until it finds a way to understand this new reality and accepts that what is gone, is gone forever"

—Grey’s Anatomy (via suzeinwonderland)
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May 2nd, 2013: Chemo Limo - Regina Spektor

STORY: While Martin Luther King Jr may have had a noble dream, Regina Spektor’s dream involves either hundred-dollar bills or well-done founding fathers, so I think she wins.

FUN FACT: Regina Spektor’s “Chemo Limo” was composed for “regular piano,” which, um, is a piano. It has white keys and black keys and it comes in both upright and grand (longways) varieties.

OTHER FUN FACT: “Chemo” refers to “chemotherapy,” which is a popular treatment for various cancers. It’s rather expensive, and Regina Spektor can’t afford it like she can’t afford a limousine.

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8tracks Downloader

Best fucking creation. 

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my hummingbird, sing to me: a jehan x courfeyrac fanmix

[listen on spotify] [listen on grooveshark]

1. meadowlarks - fleet foxes: courf

hummingbird just let me die / inside the broken ovals of your olive eye / i do believe you gave it your best try / my hummingbird, sing to me.

2. strange and beautiful - aqualung: jehan

to me, you’re strange and you’re beautiful / you’d be so perfect with me but you just can’t see / you turn every head but you don’t see me.

3. oh, it is love - hellogoodbye: courf 

oh say / wouldn’t you like to be older and married with me? / oh say / wouldn’t be nice to know right now that we’ll be / someday holding hands in the end?

4. hands - fences: jehan

we spent some nights hiding in the sheets / smoking cigarettes and letting our parts meet / the way oh, you talk with your hands

5. saw you first - givers: courf

if the night was storming / the shape is the woman / you’ll see what you’ll be / in the grave there’s some colors, without paint / inside lovers is what we’ll be

6. swoon - big deal: jehan

so come and find me dizzy with the spell of our chemistry / you are a diamond that fits into my heart so easily / we have the system for the stars / to keep us safe and warm

7. home - edward sharpe & the magnetic zeroes: both

man, oh man, you’re my best friend / i scream it to the nothingness / there ain’t nothing that i need / … home / let me come home / home is wherever i’m with you

8. baby - warpaint: jehan

you speak your fears, thinking in circles and checking word nears / don’t think / you live your life like a page from the book of my fantasy / i write of you

9. lay lady lay - bob dylan (magnet cover): courf

his clothes are dirty but his hands are clean / and you’re the best thing he’s ever seen

10. flightless bird, american mouth - iron & wine: jehan

i was a quick-wit boy / diving too deep for coins / all of your street light eyes wide on my plastic toys / then when the cops closed the faire, i cut my long baby hair / stole me a dog-eared map and called for you everywhere

11. make you feel my love - bob dylan (adele cover or original): courf

when the evening shadows and the stars appear / and there is no one there to dry your tears / i could hold you for a million years / to make you feel my love

12. you already know - bombay bicycle club: jehan

the moment we forgot we’re just good friends / i moved my arm, (his) face went red again / one more bus home / another silent weekend

13. accidentally in love - counting crows: courf

so i said i’m a snowball running / running down into the spring that’s coming / all this love melting under blue skies / belting out sunlight, shimmering love

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sometimes you're better off alone.

Oh my god

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† ‡ di caprio


  • credit to @orddinary and like
  • dont repost it !!!!111!!!
  • hope u like :-)


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by Monika Traikov

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↳Under the cut there are approximately #112, mostly HQ small gifs of Xavier Samuel. His lack of gifs is glaring, so I apologize in advance for any repeats. If you see your gif here and would like it removed or credited, please send me an ask. If you found this at all helpful, a like or reblog would be fantastic!


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